Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ocean 11 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


I am going to assume that anyone who comes to this site already knows who Ocean 11 is so I shant write a description.
I have taken it upon myself to include 4 extra tracks that were not originally on this album.

1 Housewive's Choice
2 Confucius
3 Solid as a Rock
4 Freedom Sounds
5 Rules of Life
6 From Russia with Love
7 Rock Steady
8 Let's Start Again
9 Song for My Father
10 Can't Forget About You
11 Rockfort Rock


12 Ska-Go-Mambo
13 Take it Cheazy
14 Night of the Dragon
15 Be Thankful
16 Hong Kong Low Rider
17 Stone Boat
18 Cairo East part II
19 Miss Understanding
20 Skagasm
21 Stop That Train
22 The Best of Love




Unknown said...

ta very much!!!

xgabex said...

fuck yeah! The Best of Love is so hard to find. my dad has it on the Ska Parade comp, but he has it.

fellowpeon said...

thanks for posting this! i saw these guys in '96 or '97 and bought this cd at their show. i later gave the cd away to a friend and now have been trying to track it back down. thanks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you so much! i've been looking everywhere for this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, much appreciated, but the links at zshare are 'messed up' somehow. could you upload this again possibly? would really like to have this, looked for material by these guys years ago(before the internet:) and was unable to find in austin. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

please update this post:) but like dave said, these are not downloadable anymore:(

Anonymous said...

PLEEEEEEASE help me find this again. If anyone can post this please do so. I have been searching for years. my apartment burnt down in 2000 & lost it...soooo sad

Tone and Wave said...

I actually did re-post this in January and the links are still good

I did it a bit different the second time around so I didn't post the newer links on the old post.
Sorry 'bout that.

Anonymous said...

Please Upload again <3

cympul said...

Please upload again, I have a very scratched up copy, I'd like to listen to it again.

Anonymous said...

Please upload again!
This CD is extraordinarily rare as it was a self released title. Even Tazy of the Ska Parade doesn't have a copy. Some of the very best rocksteady beats I've ever heard!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind Tone, I found your new links on the page and downloaded the music. Thanks a million for sharing this rare gem! Stay Rude!

Anonymous said...

Love this CD. One of my favorite. It just sounds so perfect. My copy was stolen with a bunch of my other cds and I could never find another copy. this should definately get re-release or repressed. I'd buy another 2 or 3 copies.