Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ak Band - Pink Slippers 7"


This is the Ak Bands first recording from 1980. They were a British power pop trio who played a lot of 2Tone inspired ska with no horn section or keys. The first song here Pink Slippers is an up-tempo song about receiving a bad Christmas gift and the other song Skegaway has more of a Police sound to it.

side A - Pink Slippers
side B - Skegaway



I Am Not The Beatles said...


I own this... and I love it.

Thanks ! Very much enjoying your blog,

All the best

Ian TB

jeffen said...

Thanks - this song is one of the highlights of the 100% British Ska (almost all of which is pretty damn good).

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this song for a long time.My brothers band were playing in the final of the London heat in Battle of the Bands in 1980 at the Rainbow theatre,they came second to a band called The Time Flies. The Ak Band were in the competition at an earlier heat and were signed straight away and you could tell why,when they can on and performed there songs the whole place was rocking.Great memories.Thank you so much for these two songs.Great website keep up the good work.
Sean M
Hoxton London

Kingskafa said...

Thanks For Keeping this blog Alive!!!