Sunday, March 9, 2008

Skavengers The [LINK RENEWED Aug.13, 2010]


Skavengers The was a 3 piece ska/rock band that started in 1979 in southern England. This 7" is from 1980 and is their only recording. Though there were only a limited number of these records made they received a good amount of radio exposure both locally and on National Radio 1 through the interest of such people as John Peel and Mike Reed.

PETE CHRISTIE (guitar and vocals) and CHRIS HAINES (bass and backing vocals) continued playing after the departure of drummer Dave Parsons as Red Square with Martin Evans on drums. They moved to London in 1984 but despite good reviews and some great live performances they were unable to get a record deal and the band ended in 1985.

Pete Christie is still recording music but has opted for an acoustic guitar and a more laid back sound and he still enlists the talents of Martin Evans on occasion.
Chris Haines is also still playing with various bands and has recorded with Fringe Benefit, Lick the Tins, Yeah, and Foodbug.

"Party Girls" is one of my all time favorite songs but since the disc is so rare I have been able to find only one copy over the years which is not in the best shape. I have improved the sound the best I could but it is still a bad quality transfer. Chris Haines has a much better version on his Myspace.

A - Party Girls
B1 - Go to Pieces
B2 - Happy


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