Saturday, November 1, 2008

Liquidators - Black and White Pictures


The only release from this Santa Cruz, California band from 1990. Originally on Unicorn Records. Members of this band went on to form California's Northern Soul band Durango 95.

I found this interesting interview with a member of Durango 95 HERE.

01 Swing Easy
02 Black and White Pictures
03 Do I Worry?
04 Where Are You Going?
05 Do the Best That You Can
06 Long Time Again
07 Soul Steppin'
08 Do What You Wish
09 Swing Time Ska
10 Riches to Rags



jan said...

here is a better interview:

Tone and Wave said...

...a much better interview. Very informative. Thanks for sharing that.

jan said...

no problem. thanks for the great blog and music. ;)

Anonymous said...

i paid alot for that a few years ago on a split unicorn CD. it was a great record!

Love the Scotty/Derrick Harriott cover too

Anonymous said...

I also paid alot for that on a spilt unicorn CD. it was worth it though! great stuff