Saturday, November 22, 2008

Skankin' Pickle - double feature


This is Skankin' Pickle's first release from 1991. It was called "Skankin' Pickle Fever". It was released just before "Skafunkrastapunk". These exact recordings later appeared on the full length album of the same name so if you own the album "Skankin' Pickle Fever" you already have these exact same songs (but why not hear them again with record-crackling goodness?)
Also in this download is the 1995 "Erik Yee" EP.
The first song is a great unreleased Skankin'Pickle tune (title track). The second song is a live version of "Onyonghasayo" (from "Sing Along with Skankin' Pickle") with alternate English lyrics. The third song is a live cover of "Sally Brown" sung by drummer Chuck Phelps.

Skankin' Pickle Fever

1 I Missed the Bus
2 David Duke is Running for President
3 Ice Cube, Korea Wants a Word with You
4 Pass You By

Erik Yee EP

1 My Name is Erik Yee, My Favorite Band is Green Day
2 Losin' Again
3 Sally Brown



Radam said...

I've already got this stuff, but great to see Skankin Pickle included here! Unfortunately they broke up before I got to see them, but they are still one of my favorite 3rd wave bands. said...

Sadly, I DON'T have this album, and it's inactive. Any chance of it being uploaded again?

Bakla said...

Funny, years ago I went to the Lookout Records store and asked them where Eric Yee worked at! they told me Rasputins! Thanks to this record that question was asked and I found out where he worked!