Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lancaster Band - Comic Strip Heroes (1981) [link updated 18th of December, 2016]

This is your new favorite album.

The Lancaster Band formed in South Africa in 1974 playing their blend of rock and reggae well before the 2 Tone movement. They released this album in 1981.

Is this what a 2 Tone ska band looks like?

They have since reformed and are currently playing shows and have also released a new EP called "Edn Sessions" in 2006

Comic Strip Heroes
1 Modern Science
2 Just Can't Help Myself
3 The Girls
4 The Boys
5 Natural Lift
6 Denture Adventure
7 Henry Harpic's Holidays
8 Obscene Gestures
9 The Kite
10 Comic Strip Heroes



racer said...

wow, what a blast from the past. i had no idea they'd reformed or that this album was re-issued. i'll be sure to go to a gig as soon as they play here in cape town again! thanks,,,

Robin Lancaster said...

Hey Racer ... we did reform the band in 2005 and have played several great gigs in the City and surrounds in Cape Town. Our next gig is at Mecury Live on 27th Feb with The Rudimentals. I think you will be surprised how fresh the old stuff sounds all over again>

Anonymous said...

Oi! The links is the same as The Dynamics. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oi! Thanks for changing the link!!!!

Vaughn said...

Argh! The link has died already, I was so excited to hear this! Re-up please kind sir?