Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rude and Visser - Live in Leipzig (2007)

This has been making the rounds since '07. I have seen it posted here and there and I even posted it on Tone and Wave a couple years back but it seems that it is no longer available anywhere else so if you don't have it yet here you go.

1 Shake and Shiver
2 Prejudice
3 When Feelings Run Too High
4 Fear the River
5 Ice and Snow
6 Letter in the Mail
7 Street Where I'm Living
8 Street Where I'm Living (take 2)
9 Ships that Pass in the Night
10 The Feeling is Alright
11 The Girl is Money
12 Keep the Fire Burning
13 Probation
14 Rainy Day
15 Everyday, Another Day
16 One Way Ticket
17 Christine Keeler
18 Far Away From Here

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