Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blue Chateau - 1987 demo cassette

This is a very hissy tape and it's hard to listen to but it gives you a glimpse at what other songs Blue Chateau had in their set that were never released.

There are just 4 songs here and only Steps in the Alley was released otherwise so I am only guessing at the titles. I won't even list them here.

"Life Can be Fun" (I'm guessing that's the title - I don't know)


Mr. Freeze said...

Many thanks for this demo. As you said, the sound is not perfect but since a long time ago i knew "steps in the alley", i always wanted to hear more from this band. Here it is!

Anonymous said...


surprised to see some of our older demo material here. It was actually recorded in a separate recording session a few months after Steps in the alley together with 3 other tracks. However, our label at he time, Unicorn Records, eas not interest, because the material was not Ska- oriented enough. Therefore Nightmare was recorded and released on Unicorn shortly after. On a different subject we are currently thinking about a Blue Chateau reunion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Steps in the alley. Also listen to our current project at

All the best.
Stefan (ex Blue Chateau)

Princesa Guerrera said...

I really love tone and wave, your the best men. Thaks for all the ep's, demos, cd's... you makes me so happy