Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colonel Hathi's Dawn Patrol - It's a Bargain cassette EP (1992)

...submitted by Rikard. In a 2Tone style.
They were from Cambridgeshire. Lead vocalist Gary Brown is currently fronting the ska tribute band BIG 10*

A1 - A Day in the Life of...
A2 - Fever
A3 - Sunshine
B1 - Una Bella
B2 - Hathi Beat '92
B3 - One Way Love



*thanks to Phil from Blackpool for the info

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Anonymous said...

Looking for Kev(?) from KHDP who played sessions at quay west holiday park in/around '91. We had a prime fungus night, bluffing we'd downed a bottle of vod...

email ska AT concurrency DOT co DOT uk