Monday, April 25, 2011

Gals Panic - I Think we Need Helicopters (1995)

The only album from this Texas ska-punk band. Both sides of their debut 7" are on the album
A - Space Race & B - Gal's Panic

1 Intro
2 Pit
3 Ketchup
4 Dogs Don't do Drugs
5 Segaface
6 Fuentes
7 Cosmonaut
8 Talk...Laugh...Cry
9 Mummy Cops
10 Space Race
11 Ace Frehley Doll
12 Skoliosis Skank
13 Superstar
14 We've Only Just Begun
15 Backpack
16 Thirteen
17 Chuck Norris Action Jeans
18 Gal's Panic

"Space Race"


brink. said...

i have this 7" around here somewhere... now i don't have to dig it out. thanks for that.

Denis said...

Thanks man! Great music, great band and great blog! Congratulations

Tone and Wave said...

Thank you Denis!

And you guys are welcome.
I was only after the 7" when I discovered this included both songs so it saved me the trouble of ripping the vinyl.

TranspacJackson said...

Hello friend, I hate to say you are incorrect but, you are incorrect. I just found a tape by Gal's Panic from 1993-4 called 'Airline Security Things' that is a full length cassette. I don't know much about them or about ska so I could be wrong somehow, but as it appears to be the same band and a unique release, I do believe there are atleast 2 Gal's Panic LPs... I will be selling it on ebay soon.