Monday, April 11, 2011

The Twits - Sweets for My Sweet 7'' (1980)

Patricia Paay is a well known pop star from the Netherlands and she and her sister Yvonne Keeley were in the band Star Sisters.
This is the only thing they recorded under the name the Twits and it's extremely hard to find. It appears on eBay every now and then and never goes for less than $100 because it's sought after more by Patricia Paay fans than ska collectors.

After Star Sisters broke up Patricia had a very successful solo career and even posed for Playboy a few times.
She was married to American MTV veejay Adam Curry.

(Different hair but the same leotard)

A - Sweets for My Sweet

B - Definitely Too Young


bristolboy said...

very nice!!

Carlos said...

... bought this one last week for 40 eurocents! Never knew i stuck gold... and Patricia Paay!