Friday, March 30, 2012

Cyndi Lauper - Ska EP

Cyndi Lauper never did a ska EP but, if she did, it would be this.

This was supposed to be my SOTD but there were a couple to choose from. These songs were intended to be used in my next podcast but I couldn't pick which one I thought represented Cyndi Lauper properly.

She released her first album She's so Unusual in 1984 when she was 31 years old - although she did release a record with her band Blue Angel. (When she was 24 she damaged her vocal chords and was told by a doctor that she would never sing again).

She's so Unusual featured the song "Witness" which was overlooked but remained a favorite of Cyndi's.
It was the B-side to several of her singles off that album starting with "She Bop" (a song about masturbation - using the 'self-service' pumps), I'll Kiss You, and All Through the Night which was intended to be a reggae song but was changed by her producers before it was recorded. When she performed All Through the Night live she performed it in a reggae style as it was intended:

...then, again in 1986 Witness was the B-side to the Change of Heart single from her second album True Colors.

After that she didn't delve much into the ska/reggae sound until 10 years later with her 1996 album Sisters of Avalon when she recorded the song Brimstone and Fire

Then, 10 years after that, she recorded a live version of All Through the Night with Shaggy. (Don't ask my opinion about this version - I will not say good things)

1 Witness
2 All Through the Night (featuring Shaggy)
3 Brimstone and Fire
4 Witness (live at The Summit 1984)



Calamity Annie said...

Never thought of Cyndi in a ska light, but then again...I'm not terribly surprised how much I liked these. Thanks!

Melon Man said...

I'm guessing you've never heard this:

freddy vidal ("Fredloafer") said...

This Song ''Witness''Is Great...Thank You, T&W ¡¡