Sunday, March 25, 2012

Plate O' Shrimp - Tribal Surrealism (1987)

These guys were from Boston and you might remember them from their appearances on Ska-Ville USA volumes 2 and 4. (I know the song Mariskando was on a comp too but I forget exactly what one - it's the same version here so, no big deal)

This is their one and only vinyl release and I have included the songs Out of My Mind and In Your Heart from the Skaville comps for your convenience. (Immorality Act was also on Skaville vol.2 but it's the same version here)

1 Mariskando
2 Dream Holiday
3 Nevada
4 Over the Edge
5 Not the First Time
6 Elegant Style
7 Immorality Act
8 (untitled)
* Out of My Mind
* In Your Heart


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