Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Untouchables - Live at Glastonbury 1985

This is a submission from Rikard who doesn't know himself whether or not this ever saw an actual release or if it was strictly made for use by the BBC.

1 (I Spy for the) FBI
2 Soul Together
3 Freak in the Streets
4 Lasershow
5 Free Yourself
6 Wild Child

Beasty -or- Zipp


Marco On The Bass said...

Great post!

dublinsax said...

Great post! I remember this being broadcast by the BBC back in 1985 and recording it on a portable radio/cassette player, I could only get the BBC on AM radio at that time so the sound was terrible. The disc which Rikard has would've been strictly made for use by the BBC, not for general release