Sunday, August 18, 2013

What Fun!

"What Fun! is a pop/reggae group based in Haarlem, Netherlands founded in 1981. Within two years, the group grew rapidly in size to a total of ten members and success quickly followed in 1983 with the release of the single "The Right Side Won", which reached Number 3 in the Dutch hit parade in December of that year, and Number 1 in Belgium. "The Right Side Won", inspired by the Falklands War between the United Kingdom and Argentina, made the BBC Radio 1 playlist, but was quickly removed when the content of the lyrics became apparent. The single was banned from release in South Africa because What Fun! had both black and white members. The group toured intensively in the Netherlands and Belgium during the period 1983 to 1989 and two further singles ("Let's Get Digital" and "Many Men, Many Minds") and an LP ("Having Fun?") were released in the Benelux. By 1989 What Fun! had run out of steam and the members went their separate ways, only to reform again in 2005 with five of the original members and three new ones."

A - The Right Side Won (extended version)
B - The Right Side Won (dub version)

A - Let's Get Digital
B - Feel Like a Crash

A - Let's Get Digital (extended version)
B1 - Let's Get Digital (dub version)
B2 - Let's Get Digital (instrumental)

HAVING FUN? 12" (1984)
1 Let's Get Digital
2 Can't Doesn't Want
3 A Skeleton (or Two) in the Closet
4 The Right Side Won
5 Dog in a Manger
6 Polish Crackdown

It seems that the only thing I'm missing is the Many Men, Many Minds single. The b-side is Many Men, Many Minds (instrumental) which I don't have but I did include the a-side in this download along with three unreleased songs -
*Amore or Less
*Big Steps
*Big Fun
 - that I nicked from THIS SITE

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Long story but Right Side Won is a song that has meaning for me.