Monday, August 18, 2014

American ska mix tape

Somebody on Reddit pretty much stated that American ska sucks and was almost asking somebody to prove them wrong. Now, I must admit that I - being from California - will say that there are better English, European, Australian, and Dutch bands (European is an altruistic term) and, although the majority of American "ska" bands really do suck, there really are some good ska tunes to come out of the good ol' U.S. of A. I spent about four minutes making this compilation. There are better songs (and I know there are a hell of a lot worse) but this was my quick response.

I actually had about 50 songs to begin with but I whittled them down to exclude the more popular ones.

1 The Good Guys - Fun Lover
2 Los Rudiments - Too Late
3 The Chinkees - Big World
4 Tiny Hat Orchestra - Jawbone
5 Plate O' Shrimp - Mariskando
6 Highball Holiday - Poetry in Motion
7 Stretch Armstrong - Rodent Deoderant
8 Heavy Manners - Flamin' First
9 The Bruce Lee - Running Out of Time
10 Stinkfish - Victim
11 Uptown Rulers - Somebody Else's Fun
12 Rebel Rockers - You Get to Me
13 Hepcat - Home
14 Dave's Big Deluxe - To Build a Fire
15 Skoidats - Free Consultation
16 Skiptooth - El Detectivo
17 Dance Hall Crashers - Street Sweeper
18 The Chinkees - She's My Friend
19 Let's Go Bowling - The Cup Rub
20 The Allstonians - Walking in the Sand
21 The Suspects - The Bad One
22 Mephiskapheles - Force of Nature


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