Sunday, August 31, 2014

va Reggae Beat (1984)

Wow, the way the mind works. When I posted the Tracey Harvey single I distinctly remember it sounding the same way on this compilation. I haven't listened to this comp in years and it was strange hearing Shy Girl again because it sounds nothing like the single and I retract my previous statement that it is the best song on this album. The single version is great. The one on this record is not very good at all. In fact, the majority of these songs are mediocre at best. There are a couple of good selections though.
For example:
Althea Ranks* - Radio

1 Althea Ranks - Karma Chameleon
2 Jesse Green - Why You Not Take it Slow?
3 Bonnie Benedict - Caribbean Dream
4 Robert Chonia - Let the Music Play
5 Skyway - Fight for Understanding
6 Althea Ranks - Radio
7 Tracey Harvey - Shy Girl
8 Dillinger - Slipe Pen Road
9 Althea Ranks - Israelites
10 Robert Chonia - Searching for Love
11 Gene Wolf - Who's That Sneakin'?
12 Orchestra Raymondo
13 Nynus Sylvia - Caribbean Man


*I'm guessing Althea Ranks is Althea Forrest from Althea and Donna. Anybody know?

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