Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Igniters - The Igniters 12" (1981)

The Igniters were an Australian studio-only band made up of members of Allniters, vSpy v Spy, and even INXS. This is their only release and, at one point, it was virtually impossible to find. I spent over $50.00 (US) on my copy. A quick Google search shows there are a few copies available for less. Oh well. I'm not kicking myself for this though. My copy is in great condition (static-y as hell but that's cheap radio-station stock for you).

They only did instrumentals and my understanding was that they were intended to only be a studio band - this EP was recorded in-the-studio at Triple J - 105.7 F.M. (I may be wrong about this and, if I am, I'll respect your corrections) but in 1984 they (whichever members 'they' were at the time) regrouped and played a few live shows. Maybe only two or three.
I don't know the whole story and I'm not really a fan of dub (I'm a drinker - not a smoker) but this is really an amazing record...just listen to the horns on "Ignition" - simple, but fucking awsome!

A1 - Ignition
A2 - Rubby Dubby
B1 - More Flaming Dub
B2 - Kent St. Skank



Whitey said...

Great post.Had a few tracks on compilations but not the whole record.Thanks again

Jim P. said...

Any chance of a re up for this? Thanks!