Sunday, September 21, 2014

State of Emergency - Ska-Terbrain (1990)

State of Emergeny was from Chicago. They put out a 4-song 7" in 1989 and then this record before founding members re-formed as Skapone.

"State Of Emergency was created in September 1985 after Mark moved back from L.A. Mitch was still on drums, Mark on bass, and the seventh grade Chris Dorff on guitar. Mitch moved on to play with another Ska band and other types of music. Mitch’s departure ushered in Jim Strezewski. From 1987 until 1989, State of Emergency was probably one of the few 3-piece SKA bands to have ever existed. Al Goldman on trombone (Mitch’s brother) and Mitch on trumpet were added for a record release show in 1989 at Medusa’s. Both stayed on for the next 19 years. State of Emergency released a four song EP (self titled) in 1988 and an album titled Skaterbrain in 1991. Jim and Chris took off in 1992 and the band State of Emergency died. Out of those ashes, SKAPONE was born."

Taken from HERE.

(I don't have anything else by them except for the 2 songs from Ska Takes the Great Lakes which were not on this record or the self-titled EP. The track listing for the 7" is HERE)

A1 - Another Day
A2 - Far Away
A3 - He'll be Back
B1 - Circumstance
B2 - Get There
B3 - Pinky



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