Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Beau Nasties - Between Open Doors 7" (1982)

Band from the UK that had a few ska influenced songs in their set. I don't know if this is their only official release but it's the only one I know about. I may be mistaken here but Mark Foggo may have had something to do with this band at some point. Don't quote me on that.

A - Between Open Doors
B - Hold it in My Arms

I have included some other songs of theirs that have a ska influence:
* Far Away
* Good Time
* Heart Will Die
* Hoyo (live)

"Between Open Doors"



bristolboy said...

Are you sure these guys are from the UK? - The label & names point to Holland

- Still a great post though!!

- Another good band on the Top Hole label are Social Security

Tone and Wave said...

You may be right about this. There is a band in the U.K. by the same name that plays more folk-music than this sort of thing. And, being from Holland, might confirm Foggo's involvement.

ineke said...

You're right bristolboy!
It is from Holland.
In fact my brother wrote that song and played in the band. His name is Joan Tienstra.

Nice to find this on the internet though...