Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Bakesys - Animated Violence (1994)

The Bakesys - Animated Violence cassette-only release (1994)
A1 - Sex Freak
A2 - Without Warning
A3 - Liquidated
A4 - Life so Tough
B1 - Open All Hours
B2 - Days Gone By
B3 - Grass is Greener
B4 - Animated Violence

"Sex Freaks"




Linneman said...

Great find! Thanks!

Jim P. said...

I discovered these guys on the BIB Records "The Shack" tape compilation (in the cutout bin at KMart no less). Their contribution was by far my favorite, never thought I'd find the whole album- so thank you very much for tying up a 20-plus year old loose end.

Tone and Wave said...

You guys might also appreciate this:

"Looking for Love"
A free digital EP of rare & previously unreleased tracks & demos from Berkshire based 2 tone ska outfit The Bakesys!


xtimmyx said...

Thank you for posting this! I lost my copy about 20 years ago in one of my many moves!

the dogster said...

Coming very soon on Do The Dog Music, The Bakesys "Studio Selections 1991 - 1995"! Featuring the 10 tracks from the band's 1997 self titled debut album plus 6 rare or previously unreleased bonus tracks. All re-mastered & with fab new 2 tone style artwork. You can pre-order the CD at the link below. The first 100 orders also received a super snazzy Bakesys sticker! http://dothedogmusic.tumblr.com/bakesys