Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Villians [REPOST]

This is being re-posted by request. This is a cassette rip of the Villians only album "Go Crazy". I have included my vinyl rips of their two 7"s as well because there are some slight variation in the singles.
I did not include the "Life of Crime" EP in this download because the version I have is a shitty rip with a low bit-rate (I'm talking 64 bits). I will find a better version at some point and post it then.

The Villains - Go Crazy (1984)
1 You Are (All These Things to Me)
2 Call Me Up
3 Laugh it Out
4 Lovers
5 Boogie Man
6 Go Crazy
7 Laylow
8 Long, Short, Skinny, or Fat
9 Wendy's Melody
10 I Don't Care
11 Ska Music

The Villians - Go Crazy 7" (1984)
A - Go Crazy
B - Wendy's Melody

The Villians - You Are (All These Things to Me) 7" (1984)
A - You Are (All These Things to Me)
B - Ska Music


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Jon said...

The Life Of Crime EP s available for purchase via all the digital music services.