Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mighty Ballistics Hi-Power

Mighty Ballistics Hi-Power - also known as MB Hi-Power - was a British militant punk/dub band. Not reggae or ska as much as raw folk punk with a heavy dub element. They were very political and put on a great live show.

They only released two EPs in their career. This download includes both as well as some unreleased songs that were recorded live (that I nicked off of YouTube, I'll admit it).

Here Come the Blues (1985)
1  Here Come the Blues
2 4 Million on the Dole
3 No Justice for the Poor
4 Privilege
5 Franco's Fleet Street
6 New Face in Hell

Matchless Triple A EP (1986)
1 Ghost Train
2 Spring Heel Jack
3 Black Gold

Unreleased & Live Tracks
1 Black Gold (alt. version)
2 Woman of Straw
3 Under Pressure
4 Ambulance Chaser
5 Wordamouth
6 Gentlemen & Players
7 Teeth - Skin


DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare

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