Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Instigators [D.C.]

Another band called The Instigators. These guys were from Washington DC. They played lots of shows throughout the mid 90s but they released their only album in 1999. They did release a 5-song cassette and a 7" prior to the album. I do have the 7" but not the cassette.

The Instigators - Just for Starters 7" (1996)
A - Matty's Song
B - Are You 18?

The Instigators - Happy Hour (1999)
1 Fravo Fravo
2 Spider Monkey
3 Bandido
4 Only You
5 Just a Little Bit Longer
6 Tea and Toast
7 How Can You Blame Me?
8 So Jake
9 Rudy at a Show
10 St. Thomas
11 Pool Hall
12 Matty's Song


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