Sunday, March 4, 2018

Voodoo Glow Skulls - singles (part 1)

Who do voodoo? We do...
Here are their first four singles. They didn't start out as a ska band but you can see how they progressed from a unique punk band to a unique ska band in these early records.
(This is part 1. There will be a part 2 and maybe a part 3 of their non-album stuff.)

The Old of Tomorrow (1990)
1 Change of Face
2 Ugly Stick
3 Jocks From Hell
4 Freak Show
5 The Clash
6 Nicotine Fit

Rasta Mis Huevos (1992)
1 Matter of Time
2 Mr. Bossman
3 Here Comes the Sun
4 You're the Problem
5 Trouble Walkin
6 Empty Bottles

We're Coloring Fun (1993)
1 Method to this Madness
2 Closet Monster
3 You Don't Have a Clue
4 Thrift Shop Junkie
5 Jive Psycho
6 This ain't No Disco
7 Wife & Kid

Dogpile 7" (1993)
1 Dog Pile!
2 Can't Happen Here
3 C-School


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