Sunday, October 28, 2018

Duck Duck - Sticky's Children (1992)

I'm not certain but I think these guys were from Massachusetts. They recorded lots of songs that they used to dub to blank tapes so it's hard to say how many songs they actually recorded. They played different styles of music and put on a great live show.

This might be their only "official" release but it's really more of a compilation of songs recorded between 1989 and 1992. There's even a track from 1988 from a previous incarnation of the band when they were called The Toast'Em Boys.

Ska purists will probably not like most of the CD but it is extremely rare and fans who saw them live back in the days will love this post.

 1 Lost
2 Crazy
3 She's Got the Knife Again
4 Spiderico
5 Armies of the Duck
6 Dog
7 Penguin
8 Suckafish
9 Is a Duck a Duck?
10 There's a Big Giant Thing in My Yard
11 Toast 'Em Bride


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