Sunday, December 16, 2018

Mr. Safety - The New Revolution Think 7" (1975)

This was ahead of its time.

Jason Conrad was a musician/actor in Britain in the early 70s who witnessed a child being killed by a car. He became an advocate for safety and toured Britain warning children about the dangers of automobiles. He did this through a live stage show and through music.

At one point Frankie Laine (He sang the theme to Rawhide and had a hit with Jezebel but, on  an unrelated personal note, one of my favorite songs is his version of "The Cry of the Wild Goose") invited him to America to do his safety lectures leading to him moving to Florida where he founded the Children's Safety Foundation inc.

Read more about Jason Conrad and the Safety campaign HERE.

The reason I think this is a notable post is because the B-Side sounds like it was an effort to pass this safety message through the ska pop-culture sound that was happening at the time except that it was five years ahead of the time. Listen to "The New Revolution Think". Doesn't it sound like it was pandering to kids who liked Madness? But this was from 4 years before 2Tone.

Like I said, ahead of its time.

A - Little Danny Jones
B - The New Revolution Think


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