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Rolly Joker - Yakety Gag (1981)

Rolly Joker was a German comedian/musician who recorded records in the old American style of "blue records" where the comedians told profane jokes that were not usually well-received in a polite society so they would record their stand-up acts in a small room (their own living room for example) filled with friends and family who agreed ahead of time to have exaggerated reactions to the jokes that they likely heard before.

The jokes on Rolly Jokers' records weren't so 'blue' that they couldn't be performed in clubs but he did a good job of adhering to the classic 'blue record' sound.

He did different styles of music but this is probably his only "ska" one (even though it's not really ska in the strictest sense).

A - Yakety Gag
B - Yakety Gag (Instrumental)

He tells eight jokes throughout the song. They are in German but they translate well to English:

*It's a company party at a big company and the boss is telling a joke. Everybody laughs heartily out of politeness. Except colleague Meyer. Boss asks why aren't you laughing? Meyer: I don't need to, I'm leaving on the first.

*Two women meet at the health insurance institution.
"What are you doing here?"
"I am getting a sick note for my husband."
"Well, I get my husband's extended." 
"What they do that here too?"
(Wordplay on husbands and things that get extended).

*A man stands in front of the mirror during his morning ablutions and admires his athletic body: 100kg dynamite. A slight turn to the left: 100kg dynamite. Yells his wife from the kitchen: But a really short fuse!
(A penis joke)

*The fortune teller says to her client: Young man, I got some good news and some bad news for you. Let's start with the good one: You were a good guy, you will get to heaven, in heaven you will become a great soccer player and will achieve lots of goals. Now the bad news: Your first game is tomorrow.

*During the wedding night the couple happily lays next to each other. Only the bride has a terrible flaw: really bad odour from her mouth. The groom has a terrible flaw too, really bad stinky feet.
The bride: "Darling, I got to tell you something..."
Groom: Yes, I already know, you ate one of my socks.

*Little Fritz comes home from school, crying. "Mommy, mommy, the other pupils are so mean to me. They always bully me and say I got gigantic feet."
Mother: "Oh darling, that is not true. Now put your shoes into the garage and come upstairs."

*"Oh Erwin, say why don't you have teeth since birth?"
"Well, my mother stumbled when she was pregnant with me and since then I am missing my teeth." "Oh. See, when my mother was pregnant with me, a turntable fell on her leg. Didn't hurt me at all. Crrgh. Didn't hurt me at all. Crrgh. Didn't hurt me at all."

*Male driving instructor asks the female driving student:
"Miss Mueller, do you have the rules in your head?"
"Why, am I bleeding from my nose?"
(Word play: 'rules' is Regel, but Regel is also used as a word for menstruation.)

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