Monday, December 24, 2018

Nigel Six

Let's Go Crime demo tape (1995)
1 Cloud City
2 Let's Go Crime
3 Rusty Gate
4 Brown Lifeguard
5 Poop
6 Well Said

America's Favorite T.V. Family (1996)
1 Long Vacation
2 Racecar
3 Bus Pass
4 No Women
5 First
6 Push Me (non-album track)

Nigel Six was a punk band with a heavy ska influence from Connecticut. They released a demo tape and then these two recordings. The tape is more ska than the later offering.

Thanks to the Punk Guy YouTube channel who submitted the cassette for our approval. He has tons more punk and ska rarities on his channel.
If you have anything to do today I highly recommend that you DO NOT GO to his YouTube channel. It will hold you captive for a long time. The rest of your day's plans will become secondary.

DOWNLOAD both EPs from Zippyshare

DOWNLOAD both EPs from MEGA  

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