Sunday, September 13, 2020

Flash Harry - Going Straight (1981)

This is a new wave/ska band from South Africa. They released a couple of singles and two full length albums. This is their first album.

I have their second album as well and one of the singles - both A and B sides are on that second album so, basically, I have all of their stuff except for that elusive first single that I have never ever seen for sale in my lifetime. The ska on this album isn't really ska in the traditional sense but it's more along the lines of "punk-reggae". The second album has less ska than this one, but it does have some. I'll post that album too...eventually.

1 Late Night Show
2 Success
3 Handlebars
4 Saving Up My Money
5 Hideaway
6 Hot Blooded
7 No Football
8 Feel the Pace
9 Beverly
10 Please...Don't Raise the Alarm!!


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