Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Employees - Pick it Up / Toothpaste 7"


More rare ska from 1981.

side A - Pick it Up
side B - Toothpaste



Parka AKA said...

Where are you getting all of this stuff?!?
I am blown away!!

Tone & Wave said...

Why, Ebay of course.

Anonymous said...

Pick it up was a massive Hit in our scene (Ruhr area germany ),ilost the single in the late 80´s.
Wat a lovely day

Thanks mate

Anonymous said...

Unfortunaley also gone ... :-( where to download now (I already have the 7" but no chance to grab as mp3) ... btw: are there 2 different sleeves of this gemm?

Anonymous said...

Could you please, please, please repost this one? I've been looking for it for ages!


facundo romeo said...

link is not working! need this 7", could you uploaded on mediafire? i can not find it anywhere!