Friday, February 29, 2008

Skiptooth - double feature


Skiptooth was from Moreno Valley (Riverside) California in the mid 90s and, if I'm not mistaken, was started by former members of The Specs. They had a unique mid-tempo rocksteady / traditional sound, but not quite 60s, more like mid 70s 'traditional' with a noticeable 3rd wave tinge.
This one download has both their 9 song cd "Cool Ska Cool", and their 4 song demo tape "Skiptown vol.1"

Cool Ska Cool
1 Pachuco
2 Cuban Cigar
3 My Turn
4 Otra Vez
5 Preacher Joseyah
6 Rum and Coke
7 El Detectivo

Skiptown vol.1
1 My Turn
2 Reggae Man
3 Taxi Driver
4 El Detectivo



GIMETZCO! said...

ah man this band...haha i lived in Mo Val back in the day when they were around...they were more a mexican flavored ska band...i designed their cd cover for cool ska cool back when i was starting out (it's an embarrassing cd cover)...i always tried to like their sound, but it never clicked with me...not like the Siren Six. S6 clicked and stayed.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to get the download link up? It's not allowing any downloads. Let us know.

oi80 said...

Hello!! Could You reupload? thanks