Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines - Green World demo


Very rare cassette-only release from the early incarnation of The Suicide Machines. This cassette was limited to only 300 copies in 1994 - even before the Skank for Brains split with Los Rudiments. The epitome of 3rd wave ska-punk.

1 Skachoo!
2 Everyday Life
3 Prefab People
4 Green World
5 With Sunshine
6 Inside / Outside
7 The Golfing Song
8 Vans' Song
9 Drunken Jocks
10 Ugly Place
11 Snot Rag
12 Post Office Death Squad
13 Friends are Hard to Find



xtimmyx said...

i remember getting this from Kingpin Records when they were just a mailorder for $3.
awesome post!

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