Monday, May 31, 2010

b-Sides - Red to Black (1981) [REPOST]

I thought I could trust zShare after their meltdown a while back but it seems they violated my trust again and this rarity was lost. I rarely read comments that aren't on the front page so I never realized how many people were requesting this.

Here it is. If you don't have it yet you have to download it. It really is one of the great ones.

1 She's a Raver
2 Red to Black
3 Run and Hide
4 No Can Do
5 State of Emergency
6 Bedtime for Ronald
7 Regular Guy
8 B-Side Shuffle
9 Emotions
10 Late a Night



Brad said...

The last song is incomplete is there any way to fix it? I've been looking for this for a long time. I used to see them life at SFU

dano 5-0 said...

dano 5-0 here...where the hell's my money?