Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spy Vs Spy - Six Fresh Lemons (1982)

Before they had to change their name to V Spy V Spy because of a lawsuit by Mad Magazine Australia's Spy Vs. Spy released this 7" and an EP entitled "Four Fresh Lemons" in limited numbers. They later released all six songs together under the name "Six Fresh Lemons".
Regardless of how they're packaged they were all pretty good songs and over the last few years I have seen the single and either of the EPs come up for sale several times each and they were all under the banner of "ska".
Sorry to disappoint you but none of them are ska songs but there are a couple of tracks with a slightly noticeable ska influence.
Call it pub rock, mod, post punk, powerpop, or ska. The category doesn't matter. It's just good music.

If you like this and aren't already aware V Spy V Spy has made all of their music available for free download HERE.

Do What You Say 7"
A - Do What You Say
B - Table Tea Mix

Four Fresh Lemons EP
1 Marlowe
2 Sofa
3 That (Dead) Girl
4 Brightside


"Do What You Say"


Thanks to Craig for inspiring this post!!

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