Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kingpins - On the Run 7" (1995)

This is the Kingpins first release.
None of these songs are on any of the Kingpins 3 full-lengths.
Now, I am a Lorraine fan but even though she doesn't sing on any of these songs they are all 3 winners and a necessary piece of your Kingpins / Lo and the Magnetics collection.

1 - On the Run
2 - Spy vs. Spy
3 - Leave My Girlfriend Alone

"Spy vs Spy"



Lorraine said...

thanks for the review... and for the kind words... i love this release too... this was our first trip to the studio... and some unforgettable moments!

xtimmyx said...

thanks for posting this! i had it back in the day and i'm glad i get to listen to it again!