Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ian Mitchell Band - Lonely Nights 7" (1980)

One thing I like more than getting to hear a song that I have been after for years is getting to hear a great song that I never knew about. Bruce sent me this yesterday and, although I have lots of other things that I should be posting before I decided that this one needs to go up immediately.

The A-side is crap in my opinion but the B-side is amazing. An instant favorite. Not ska in its purest form but it reminds me of something that Mark Foggo would have done.

A - Lonely Nights
B - Jail Bait

"Jail Bait"


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bristolboy said...

I agree the a-side is really bad ( it was sent for the b-side + you wanted to hear some of his non rosetta stone stuff) the lyrics are, a bit dodgy in this day & enlightened? age but I also have soft spot for this