Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bluekilla - demos

1 One Minit Ska
2 Hey Joe
5 Oh Yeah
6 She Came
7 Camelman
9 Wickie
10 TRACK 10
11 Werbung
12 I Won't Let You Go (Blues Busters cover)
13 Skaship / Stay With Me
14 Behold (Blues Busters cover)
15 Soon You'll be Gone (Blues Busters cover)
16 TRACK 16
17 Camelman
18 The Beat Generation (Bob McFadden & Dor cover)
19 I Got No Time

"One Minit Ska"

"I Won't Let You Go"

I've had these for a while and I have no idea what year they were recorded. As you can see I had no tracklisting. There are a few titles that I don't know. Can anyone fill in the blanks?

Bluekilla's new cd "Bluekilla Never Was a Ska Band" is now available on their official site with the song "Shit Stirring" featuring Gary Skaman of the Australian band Menage A Ska and an impressive cover of Magazine's "Shot by Both Sides"


Anonymous said...

looks like mix of their first album "Bluekilla (1992)" and some demos.
Playlist for the first album is:
A1 One Minute Ska
A2 Hey Joe
A3 High Noon
A4 Jailhouse
A5 Jailhouse (Version)
A6 Oh Yeah
A7 She Came
A8 Camel Man
A9 Top City Man
B1 Wickie
B2 U-Bahn
B3 Werbung
B4 Better Be (Live)
B5 Skaship (Live)
B6 Stay With Me (Live)
B7 Behold (Live)
B8 Soon You'll Be Gone (Live)
B9 Popcorn
B10 00 Ska

Hive45 said...

Mad track! Nice one!