Monday, May 9, 2011

Tone and Wave Podcast - episode 6

It took me a long time to do this one because, to be honest, I'm bored with the gimmick of non-ska bands doing ska music. I diverted from that and just played some rare 80s ska instead.

Even if you don't want to listen to the whole thing I recommend skipping to the end to hear the last song.

Mi-Sex - Mystery
Delayed Action - Give it Up
Mark Foggo - Nothing to Hide (unreleased)
The Cartoons - Self Conscious
Cowboys - Supermarket
Cowboys - Rude Boy
Rifffs - Dance Music for the 80's Depression
The Lovely Bodies - Shark Bites
The Pretenders - How do I Miss You
The Drivers - Stolen Treasures
Monroes - Arabian Night
Student Nurse - Discover Your Feet
The Tuners - Shuffle Your Feet
Child's Play - Playground Romance



Nellie said...

Great podcast!, and you are right, the last song is really awesome. Please, could you post the complete 45?

Tone and Wave said...

Thank you!

...and yes, I most certainly will.
I hope to do my next posts on Wednesday or Thursday and Child's Play will be amongst them.
The b-side is more of a rock song though. Not ska at all.

Anonymous said...

hey tone! You could post Monroes - Arabian Night, The Tuners - Shuffle Your Feet ?¿?¿? uff! Super rare ska! not if you already listened to Eric Clapton and his rare rocksteady!

Heath said...

Digging the podcast in whatever form you decide to do it. Been listening since the very first.

Tom Ripley said...

Man, this is great ska! Kudoz for this awesome comp! Just realised it is the third time I listen to #6. Now it is the time when I want to learn everything about the bands featured!

The Cowboys really do sound a lot like the Clash. There was also another band, pretty big in their time, the Cowboys International who actually had a distant relation to the Clash (via
Keith Levene). No connection to "our" Cowboys of course, just a coincidence.