Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Secret - She's so Ugly 7" (1981)

A - She's so Ugly
B - I Love Me

A nice bit humor from this English band sung to the tune of the Westminster Quarters.

(and since we're on the subject of the Westminster Quarters here's a bit of trivia for you:
This is Big Ben

This is not Big Ben. It is the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, sometimes called the Westminster Clock.

I know that if something is said erroneously enough times it becomes fact. Like the word butterfly or Frankenstein. So you can keep calling the clock Big Ben, but deep down you'll know the truth.)

I know, I know...just shut the hell up and give us the music.
Here ya go


bristolboy said...

If you like this then there's 3 others to look for

+ an LP also on cheapskate "another crazy day" (1981)

Tone and Wave said...

I do have "Let Me Take Your Photograph" and I knew they had other 7"s but I never knew they had an album.

Have you heard it? Is it worth getting?

bristolboy said...

I have a spare copy (sleeve has a sticker tear - vinyl Ex) if you want it!

roberto said...

Same trick of "Let Me Take Your Photograph"on the chorus,the perspective of an entire LP scare me to death...LOL.Thanks!