Sunday, May 15, 2011

Janitors Against Apartheid demos

Janitors Against Apartheid were a 3rd wave ska-punk band from California and they were very prolific:

Nga Ga Mom (self-released) [cassette] 1991
Moppin’ 4 Equality (self-released) [cassette] 1992
Pizza O'Clock (self-released) [cassette] 1993
I Work at Lucky (2 Big Hairy Guys Records) [10"] 1994
One for the Road (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1994
I Can Pick Most Locks with a Credit Card (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1995
Six Feet Under III compilation (Psycho Sun Records) [cassette] 1995
Skankin’ Around the Internet compilation [cassette] 1995
What’s the Reality of That? three way split (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1995
Misfits of Ska compilation (Dill Records/Asian Man Records) [cassette/cd] 1995
Nerds split (Dill Records) [cassette/cd] 1995
Jolt: America’s Most Powerful Compilation (J4 Records) [cd] 1996
Salad Bowl Theory compilation (Fullified Records) [cd] 1996
California Ska-Quake: Aftershock compilation (Moon Records) [cd] 1996
Punk Goes Ska compilation (Stiff Dog Records) [cd] 1996

This is their first 3 demo cassettes.

I intend to post the Nerds split they did with One Eye Open at some point when I do a post on OEO.
According to JAA's Facebook they are planning a 20 year anniversary show next year.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what i have waited for.Really cool stuff. I cant wait to hear the One Eye Open demos as well.Which demos have you to post?

JJ Loy said...

I loved Nerds! I'm so glad you posted these!

xtimmyx said...


Failure at Living said...

I was the JAA biggest fan that didn't know them -- well my friend did work with MC Loaf for a while at the library.

Anonymous said...

michael hansen RAT BOY HERE
they had one called TEmporary restraining order...

Pete said...

Thanks for posting up the DEMO's I'm really excited the world has a chance to hear our idiotic music for once! I have so many crazy stories and dirt I could write a frickin' 400 page book. Those were some crazy times for us. With your permission I would love to share some with you on this blog. Keep on rockin'!

Pete (Guitar - JAA)