Monday, January 15, 2018


Reluctant Stereotypes

K & the Sauce Pan

va Stonehenge

Vital Disorders - Zombie

Ngobo Ngobo demos

Bette Bright

Deemus Mint

Local Operator

Heavy Manners - Say It 12"

I can't find Strange Tenants - Live at Pharoahs but I know I still have it somewhere. I'll re-post it as a proper post of its own when I find it.

Did I miss anything? Have you requested anything that hasn't been re-posted yet?


Mark L. said...

Thanks for the Reluctant Stereotypes :)
As for the Vital Disorders, did you know about this:
Cheers, M.

jonder said...

I sincerely appreciate the re-ups!

Mark L. said...

Figured this might be a good place to stash a recommendation/curiosity. This is off their 1st single in 82, so not sure what their later/LPs are like. Thought you'd like the track at least (since we've chatted OZ/NZ 'ska'a few times) and/or maybe have some info/material by them?