Sunday, January 7, 2018

Soft Touch - It's My Life 7" (1980)

This is being posted by request. It is not very known but there is a copy currently for sale on eBay (possibly the only time it's ever been on eBay) so my guess is that it was requested so people can hear what it sounds like before buying it.

It sounds like slower British mod/ska. The a-side is more rockin' but it has that punky-reggae sound and, no, it is not a cover of Talk Talk's song - this was released three years before theirs. The
b-side is the better of the two if you appreciate mellow punk-reggae with out of place synth.
There were lots of different bands with this same name but I'm not sure if these guys had any other releases.

A - It's My Life
B - The Sus Song


DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare


Incidentally I will be selling my copy on eBay in the next few weeks along with a lot of other stuff.

Also, I have quite a few re-up requests that I plan on getting to next weekend. I apologize ahead of time if I don't get to it but I have a 4-day weekend and not much else to do. So, unless an airplane crashes into my house or I get abducted by aliens or something, next weekend is all about re-ups. I'll post at least one new thing too. 

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