Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dave's Big Deluxe - Sounds from the Credenza


Straight forward up-tempo 2Tone sounds from this Tucson Arizona band from 1995.
Download includes full cd scans.
Also get their 5 song live E.P. "Live at the University High Prom" HERE.

1 Murder Ska
2 Old Pueblo Ska
3 Be That Kind
4 ...Other Delights
5 Credenza Style Hi-Fi
6 To Build a Fire
7 Artebella
8 Say Goodbye to Me
9 Tagger
10 Fat
11 Say Goodbye...(Puss Boy Cry Baby Edit.)



Stephen said...

i love this album and especially credenza style hi-fi.

Billy K said...

Ha - my old band has finally been pirated. I guess I'm somebody now.

Or not.