Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Deltones [LINK UPDATED 09/11/2016]

Nana Choc Choc in Paris 
1 Scream Jean
2 Don't Fall in Love
3 Show Off
4 Saturday
5 It's Benn a Long Time...Helen
6 Big Trouble
7 Make Me Smile
8 Everytime
9 Oddball Boy
10 Stay Where You Are
11 Lemon Squeezy

Stay Where You Are 7"
A - Stay Where You Are
B - Lemon Squeezy

Make Me Smile 7"
1 Make Me Smile
2 Patricia Hamilton
3 Running Around



malcmc said...

Penny Leyton did actuallly leave The Bodysnatchers to form The Belle Stars but was later replaced by Clare Hirst who played saxaphone and keyboards. Penny didn't play guitar - she played keyboards and trumpet.

Tone & Wave said...

Thanks for the information, I couldn't find very much on them before I posted this.

Ronan said...

Some great tracks on that album especially Everytime, Show Off and Scream Jean. It's wierd but I saw them play in 1989 when they were promoting this album. I then saw them play one year later and they refused to play even one track from the album.

GIMETZCO! said...

dangit! i got here too late!

and i want this there any chance at reupping it? please?

radiskulla1 said...

please re upload

Ron said...

Please Re-up !!

Thanks !!

Bob said...

I have this album but the cover is different. Anyone know if there were other versions ? It also does not have song 11. Great music.

Thomas said...

I guess it's the french release :

Are you the Ronan who knew Oskar from Sweden

Anonymous said...

The original LP has only 10 tracks (well, at least mine, a 1989 Unicorn Records release, does). The CD, it appears, has 11. A check against the info at discogs seems to confirm that.

Anonymous said...


Lavonne said...

This is one of my top ska albums! Thanks for giving it some love.

L. Ray said...

I had a friend who is a DJ convert this album from cassette to cd for me a year ago. But what a find this is!

Anonymous said...

Probably the name of this band had something to do with the fact that one of the band members had previously sung with a band called Delta 5 (a funk-influenced post-punk band in the style of Gang Of Four, Mekons, etc). Delta 5 never quite "made it" commercially, but they had a close enough brush with fame (album on Rough Trade; went on a U.S. tour) that it might have been worth trying to capitalize on the name.

Also, re: reader comments about different versions of this album. In addition to the LP & CD, there was a cassette version on the NYC label ROIR re-titled as "Oddball Boy." it had all of the songs from the CD plus 2 more bonus songs (either taken from B-sides or compilation appearances). For some reason there's no mention of it on, much less on the "Nana Choc Choc" page.