Saturday, January 12, 2008

Punch The Clown - is Caught Red Handed


Punch The Clown were from Davis California and they played their own kind of 2Tone inspired ska througout the 90s. This is their first of three albums full of an eclectic mix of 2Tone, calypso, rocksteady, big band, etc., with plenty of horns and keys and lots of humor.

1 Intro
2 My Headaches
3 Don't Fight Now
4 Stress
5 Heather
6 Trousers Full of Lovin'
7 Party at My House
8 Our Vines Have Tender Grapes
9 Sweaty Betty
10 U.S.A. Jam
11 C.I.A. Chick
12 Go Ahead
13 Wise Guy
14 Sea Monkey Stomp (live)
15 I Give Up (live)
16 Pervert (live)
17 Punch the Clown (live)


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