Friday, January 18, 2008

The Specs - Social Life


The Specs were a late 80s early 90s band in Southern California that never became as big as they should have. They were composed of knowledgeable professional musicians with backgrounds in reggae and jazz. Their first release was the cassette-only "Changes to the Few"* which would've fit perfectly into the original 2Tone era. This is their second, more mature, album. There are some faster songs, but most of the album is devoted to a more soulful reggae sound. One of the highlight on this album is a cover of Sly and the Family Stone's "Family Affair".

This download includes almost full scans of the cd inlay cards with the exception of the back cover which I accidentally spilled beer all over just before scanning. (I had this cd in pristine condition for over 13 years up until tonight - let that be a lesson to you - take care of your rare music!) This will not be included in the download, but you can save this image if you're into that sort of thing:

1 Social Life
2 Come Listen
3 (it's a sad situation)
4 Before Our Eyes
5 (ska? - a Swedish stew?)
6 Start it Right Now
7 Family Affair
8 Never Gave a Thing
9 Time of Need
10 Devil's Game
11 Friends No Longer
12 Opium Vibes
13 (marijuana)
14 Hold On Tight
15 Love Game
16 Opium Vibes Dub
17 CD Exit


(*yes, I will be posting 'Changes to the Few' here shortly, but it is a bad copy of an overplayed cassette. If anyone has a good copy, please let me know. Thanks.)

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