Thursday, July 8, 2010


This full length has every song Headline ever recorded with the exception of the song "London City Strife" - the B-side of the Carolina 7" which I included to make the collection complete.

If you aren't familiar with Headline you have to read this Marco on the Bass post.

(Headline did originate "Don't knock the bald head - boongie boongie boongie boongie..." that was later recorded by Bad Manners)

Don't Knock the Bald Head LP
1 Don't Knock the Bald Head
2 Carolina
3 Stomp
4 Who Wants a Fight
5 Rudi Don't Fear
6 Immigrant
7 Scrounger
8 Who Got de Ganja?...Herb Talk
9 Rude Boy Beat
10 Abortion
11 Highway Hassle
12 Bald Head Revolution / Bald Head Reprise

Carolina 7"
A - Carolina
B - London City Strife


("London City Strife"..."Inner London Violence"...yeah, I don't see the similarity there either.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Headline I have it on Vinyl but Haven't listened to it for years. it's funny but the album doesn't sound dated in any way because the Lyrics are still relevent as much today as they were back in 1980. it's a pity this LP still hasn't been released on CD even on a small Label.

Rudi Don't Fear

The said...

awesome! thanks so much for providing the download - I used to have the music video - which is so cool - but my videotapes went missing in 1988.

Gary Leonard Jones said...

Started discussing Headline at the steel pulse gig in Brighton on Sunday - Michaal Riley was so important for their vocal harmonies which they didn't have and they don't need a saxonphonist. I have both Headline singles but not the album - glad I found this - alos they were great live