Saturday, July 31, 2010

The T-Shirts - Mr. Swing LP (1981)

Great new wave ska from this Swedish band who had a hit with Walk on Water. This is their only LP but they had a 6 track self-titled EP in 1980 and five singles. Listed HERE.
Their first single "Walk on Water / Is it Gone" was posted on Tone and Wave a long time ago but the link is still active HERE.

1 Not Another Love Song
2 Dancing in a Glass House
3 You Got What it Takes
4 Last Week's Hero
5 Oriental
6 Walk on Water
7 I'm the Television
8 Be Bop Pop
9 Searchin'
10 Computer Man
11 The News
12 Private War
13 Don't Wanna Say Goodnight

"Walk on Water"

"Last Week's Hero"



bristolboy said...

thanks for this - I've got their 45's but was wondering what the LP was like (pretty much more of the same!!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Much appreciated.