Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ska Cha Cha - Secret Reagan Man (1985)

Ska Cha Cha was a band from L.A. that was a common presence at the On Klub. I think this is their only recording (but I hope not)

Transferred from a very hissy and faded old cassette.

1 Los Angeles
2 Cry of Revolution
3 Secret Reagan Man

"Los Angeles"



daigo said...

Hello, I'm Daigo.
Los Angeles is included V.A. PLANET SKA in a different version on this cassette.

daigo said...

Sorry, they're same version.

Tone and Wave said...

I'm pretty sure I have Planet Ska but I can't find it. If I do have it I can't believe I overlooked this song.
When I first listened to the tape it didn't sound familiar so maybe I don't have it.
I will keep looking. I'd love to have a better copy without the hissing.

Mike said...

Thanks - I always wondered what they sounded like.

You may also want to track down the 45 by "Steppin Lazer"; they were another ska outfit that played the ON.

Tone and Wave said...

I never heard of Steppin Lazer but I will most certainly be on the look out for it. I know there was an all-female reggae/rock band from New York in the late 80s called Steppin Razor.

Aside from the small handful of bands that are a little more well known (Untouchables, Targets, Boxboys, etc.) the only other band that I know of that was a regular at the ON is Double-0 Four and they have (I believe) 1 single ("I Don't Love You No More / Get a Feeling") and a demo cassette out there somewhere. I have been looking for those as well as this Ska Cha Cha for many many years and finally found this. This gives me hope that I will have 004 before too long and now Steppin Lazer as well.

Mike said...

The Steppin Lazer 45 is not hard to find. It's from '83 or '84 I believe.

That group "004" was from Utah; they only played the ON Klub a couple of times, it seems. They were on a "Utah ska" CD comp but I don't have the info anymore. I think one of the tracks was "Bright Lite".

I used to have the California Mod Scene site and blog; they're not up anymore but the ON-related stuff I turned Marco on to. I do have a couple Boxboys demos up on YouTube - one is an unreleased track ("Le Juice Hot"); don't know if you've heard it.

The L.A.-area group "Galaxy of Prizes" (on "Mashin up the Nation" - the track is "Ska Lip Soul") is related to Ska Cha Cha; they were produced by the same guy. They may even be the same group.

There were several reggae groups at the ON (I compiled a small list) aside from Babylon Warriors and the Fabulous Titans. The Rebel Rockers and Ital Roots recorded records in 1983 but I don't know if they fall outside the scope of your blog.

ferenc said...
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ferenc said...

planet ska and they named the song lost angeles on the compilation...i have the tape one of my first ska records...and i love them, all the bands the songs are just perfect...absolutly perfect compilation, the best ska album was planet ska!

ferenc said...

i made a little clip to their Los Angeles song: